Your network may be blocking the communication between your document and our servers. This section helps you identify and fix firewall and proxy server issues to ensure you can communicate with our servers.

How the system works?

In order to provide the security functionality, a protected document must communicate to the RISI server which stores the rights information that defines which individuals have access to a given document. The communication from the document to the server uses the HTTP protocol over port 443 to

Why Proxy servers affect the process?

This style of communication works seamlessly in most environments. However, prior to Version 9 (for Adobe Reader) and Version 8 (for Adobe Acrobat), Adobe's software was not designed to deal with proxy servers. In these scenarios, when the protected document attempts to contact the server its communications are blocked. When it is unable to contact the server, the document cannot be unlocked.

In order for documents to function correctly when using older versions of Adobe Reader/Acrobat, the proxy server must be configured to allow direct communication with the DNS address on port 443.

Configure your firewall to allow connection to RISI servers

If you have a firewall program installed on your local machine such as: Windows Firewal; Zone Alarm; Norton; or McAfee Personal Firewall, then you should "Always Allow" any required communication to "". This will allow your pdf document to autenticate with the RISI servers.Firewall Required Configuration Changes:

  • Remove any blocks in your firewall software for on Port 443 []

Proxy server configuration changes

How to check for a proxy server:

  • Open Internet Explorer (not Firefox or any other browser).
  • Select "Tools" from the menu bar.
  • Select "Internet options."
  • Select the Connections tab.
  • Click the "LAN Settings" button (near the bottom)
  • Check to see if the "use a proxy server..." tick box is selected. If so, please contact your IT Administrator to make the following changes below.

 Proxy Server Required Configuration Changes: