Windows Users - Configure your global object security policy

Configure your GOS Policy

If you are having problems reading your document, consistently required to unlock the document, or are prompted with the error message: "This document requires global security policy to be disabled", Then you should disable "Global object security policy" (GOS).

Configure Adobe Reader to disable Global Object Security

In the Preference -> JavaScript section of Adobe Reader or Acrobat, there is a checkbox called "Enable global object security policy". This checkbox should be unchecked before unlocking your pdf.

Windows Users

  • From the top menu bar, select Edit -> Preferences
  • On the left-hand sidebar, select JavaScript
  • Make sure the "Enable global object security policy" option is unchecked
  • Click the OK button
  • Close Adobe Reader
  • Re-open the document

Mac Users

  • Open Adobe Reader
  • From the top menu bar, selected Adobe Reader -> Preferences
  • Under Categories, select JavaScript
  • Uncheck the "Enable global object security policy" option
  • Click OK
  • Close Adobe
  • Re-Open the document